Know About Stress and Ways to Reduce it


Are you under stress? It seems that stress has deeply ingrained in our lives thanks to the hectic schedule and unbalanced lifestyle. Though it may not seem so, stress can affect the body and mind to a great extent.

Small, very small traumas or injuries that may not be of much consequence at that point of time, when persist for a longer duration, can weaken the body, resulting in repetitive strain syndrome. It is mainly caused by, stretching the body farther and stressing it more than it has been, designed to be.

It is also commonly known as; repetitive stress injury, repetitive stress disorders, repetitive motion injuries or disorders, overuse syndrome, or musculoskeletal disorders.

Posture which is not correct, when adopted for longer period of time can cause this trauma. Along with this poor methods of indulging in various activities and continuing to do so can be the other cause of the CTD.

Anyone who has a job that entails longer sitting hours, or someone who uses computer throughout the day, is more susceptible to get one. It is therefore imperative, for you to comprehend the situation and to ensure that your working arrangements and sitting arrangement is in such a way, as to give you comfort and correct posture provision.

You have to make endeavor to maintain correct posture and avoid any stress on any part of your body. Your working table, chair and the space that you use have to be well coordinated to be able to avoid any stress on your body parts, while you carry out your daily duties and physical activities.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, is apt in this case as well. It is important to listen to your body parts, when they cry out in pain and are under duress.

That’s the first sign of this disease, which if ignored could become acute and unbearable. If adequate rest and relief are given to the affected and stressed area, it can recover naturally on its own.

Some effective remedies are treatments that are designed medically, are braces and therapies which incite mixed opinions, some say they are effective where as others disagree.

There are devices which have been developed scientifically to heal the strained tissues faster. Immobilizing the limb also causes recovery of the strained area.