African Safari Tours: Tips Before Your Trip


If you are looking for a wild and exotic vacation then an African Safari adventure is your best option. Africa is home to thousands of different animal species from the great white shark to exotic cats and colorful beautiful birds.

It is also filled with lots of different tourist destinations and great sceneries. But the great thing about African Safari tours is that there are thousands of fun activities that you can do while you enjoy these attractive sceneries.

Now, you have to be aware that Africa is a relatively large continent. It houses lots of different countries, so might be faced with lots of African safari vacation packages and be overwhelmed by all the information you find. It is always best to visit Africa during peak season, which vary depending on the area where you are planning to go.

On some areas like in the Southern Africa, the peak season is during the winter, while summer is the best season to visit for other parts of Africa. No matter, you can rest assure that there are literally hundreds of African safari vacation packages for you.

Now, if this is your first time to go for an African adventure here are some of the things that you need to do prior to your trip:


Immunizations are particularly important no matter where you are going. This protects you from foreign viruses, which you may possibly acquire while you are on a trip. Now, in Africa, there is a chance that you might catch Malaria, so have to get immunity shots. Yellow fever vaccination in particular is a requirement in some parts of Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania and South America.

Hepatitis A and B shots and tetanus shots are some of the most recommended shots to take before travelling to Africa. Do not forget to bring mosquito repellants with you on your trip. Also bring a mosquito net to prevent getting insect bites, which usually occurs during dawn.

Passports and Visa

While there are people who no longer have to apply for visas when going to Africa, some nationalities have to. Now, it is important that you always hold on to your visa and to your passports no matter where you go. You should also bring photo copies of them and leave them to someone you can contact in case you lose them.